We established SayThaWun Engineering Co.,Ltd (SECO) on June 2014 and our Company registration number is 1627/ 2014-2015.

We provide the survey and collection of information on investment candidates related electricity and power sector in Myanmar.

Our consultancy services include with the procedure for permission of site access for engineers and foreigners, current security of ethnic and minorities, proposed Hydropower projects in the regions, finding and recommendation.

Management Team

We had experienced over more than 10 years for field engineering and Hydropower Implementation. The capability for Small to Large scale Hydropower development planning, Infrastructure Implementation Management and Technical Consultation concern design and construction.

Especially in the hydropower industry working together with Japanese consultants (KANSAI) through 2014 to 2017. The major exploration of Geothermal survey in all over Myanmar. The Scale and knowledge had acquired for Planning, Designing and Implementing a Hydro Scheme.

Having strong commercial, financial and analytical, and technical skills; capability of developing and managing strategic and tactical operations.

Developing new opportunities: including the identification, relationship and stakeholder management, and business planning, of all new projects.